The Event “Hollywood” 7



My next post for the Hollywood Event starting March 30th – April 14th. During this time exclusive items made by the best of the best will be up for sale and trust me when I say – these items are a must have!

In this post I’m showing you some of the exclusive items made for the event. Today I’ve chosen to show you the beautiful Ivy Cocktail Dress made by Giz Seorn of Gizza! I instantly fell in love with this dress. It is in this fenomenal nude color that looks spectacular! The detail is magnificent and it comes with this lovely clutch that you can see. Pure awesomeness! Now, because I’m such a shoe addict I decided to use the amazing N-Core Addiction shoes that will be avaliable at the event aswell. This time I went for the nude color and I gotta say… I dont want to take these shoes ever again. I hope you guys enjoy these amazing items ^^



Poses by *PosESioN*


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