The Event “Hollywood” 6


My next post for the Hollywood Event starting March 30th – April 14th. During this time exclusive items made by the best of the best will be up for sale and trust me when I say – these items are a must have!

In this post I’m showing you some of the exclusive items made for the event. We have the woooooooonderful UpTown Mesh Vivian Cocktail dress from Hawker’s House. I really love this dress as it is in one of my favorite colors – wine! Now we have something I was very excited about…. SHOES! N-Core designer Nuria Augapfel has created these amazing mesh heels called  ADDICTION, and I truly became addicted. Last but not least we have a spectacular item from Pure Poison. What seems to be a studded headband… is actually a hat! It’s a gorgeous studded hat called Chris that also comes in a lot of colors! I hope you guys enjoy it ^^


Poses by *PosESioN*

Makeup: MUA – Leaf


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