The Event “Hollywood” Part 2


My second post for the Hollywood Event starting March 30th – April 14th. During this time exclusive items made by the best of the best will be up for sale and trust me when I say – these items are a must have!

In this post I’m showing you some of the exclusive items made for the event. First we have the beautiful Ivy Maverick Gown made by Shey. The thing that I love about Shey is that their designs come with a color change hud. My favorite color is blue so that is why I chose the gown color. Next we have another stunning Chop Zuey Set made by Belle Roussel. She has outdone herself again creating this masterpiece. The set is called Paparazzi II Blu Set and is a must have! Last but not least we have  wonderful wonderful hair by EMO-tions. I instantly fell in love when I saw this piece Mirja Mills has called Pola. I hope you guys enjoy the designs and creations.


Poses by *PosESioN*


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